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303 Energy

303 Energy

303 Energy is a standalone  synthesizer and sequencer based on two Doepfer A-111-5 (Doepfer Dark Energy) synthesizers placed on the left and right side of the 303 (Autobot) sequencer.

Width: 954 mm

Depth: 185 mm

Height: 125 mm

Thickness of the body: 60 mm

The very stiff case/frame is completely made out of aluminium.

To keep the body of the synthesizer/sequencer slim (60mm) and light weighted it has an external power supply.

On the left side of the sequencer and first synth there is a theremin controller (A-178) to control the MS-20 filter (A-106-1 extreme) and the Wasp Filter (A-124)

On the right side of the sequencer and second synth voice there is also a theremin controller (A-178) to control the 303 filter (A-103)

By approaching the antenna's with your hands you can control the filters.

Next to the two theremin controllers there is also an A-198 Ribbon control board to connect a ribbon controller.

To invert the control signals (for instance VCA up in stead of down) there is a voltage inverter (A-175) next to the right Theremin controller.

For now it gets its power through a XLR connector on the left side (+12V, GND, -12V) from a 1200mA external powersupply.

The unit can be tilted for more control convenience.

The unit even can be placed upside down for preventing dirt or dust during stage building

E.T. Phone Home....

Further extra modules: A-180 multiples (dividing signals) A-138b audiomixer and A-134-1 Voltage controlled audio panning.

More and bigger pictures you can find in the in the Art Gallery.

Resuming the modules from left to right:

Doepfer A-178, A-180, A-106, A-134-1, A-124, A-111-5, Acidlab Autobot, A-111-5, A-103, A-138, A-198, A-175, A178.

Keywords: 303 Energy, Doepfer Dark Energy, Theremin, slim synthesizer, slim design synth, ultimate sequence performer synth, DIY cabinet, Modular synthesizer, Doepfer A-100

Acidlab Autobot.



This is a DIY project which is not for sale (yet)

As the special circuit CEM3394 used in the Doepfer A-111-5 (Dark Energy Mk1) is no longer available the module had to be discontinued.

So the cabinet in this configuration can not be a commercial product.

Prototype means it is built for testing. In the next period it will be tested. The A-111-5 will be replaced, and functionality may be changed.

The aluminium cabinet will or may be produced in small series for the ones who like it, probably with an integrated powersupply.

Until then the price will be unknown.



(Apple users click):

Try out of the custom built 303 Energy which is a sequencer synthesizer based on two Doepfer A-111-5 (Dark Energy) and Acidlab Autobot. It has two theremins to control the filters.


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