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On this page you will find the latest news of my current projects like handmade/assembled synthesizers, paintings, ceramics and photography as well as weblinks to interesting art pages and some synth sites.




New Dutch website for modular synthesizers:

Great webshop for (semi-)modular synthesizers.


30-8-2013: Doefper Dark Energy II Break-out Box is finished.


Also a test video of the secrets or the Dark Energy II


August 2nd 2013

July 2013:

The 303 Energy is almost finished:

June 2013:

The Traveller - Eurorack modular case for on the road

May 2013:


current try outs: 303 Energy!


DIY - project: "Silversynth


LFO Breakout strip for Doepfer Dark Energy 2

Synchronizing the LFO's to MIDI


March 2013:

DIY Eurorack Wall Cabinet


December 2012: 8-Voice Synth? See projects

The next period will be used for testing and going back to the drawing table. Also other projects have to be finished soon, like re-designing The Dark Quaternity. The upper cases like the Fifth Force and Sixth Source should become completely black. The Dark Trilogy will get a new housing and easy program control. For live performance a combination of a non-analog and analog synth will be integrated to one. And much more idea's have to be worked out the next period. (Not to forget the Theremin projects!)  Dark versus Light.. Maybe it will be a White, White Christmas!

Wish you all Happy Holidays and a creative 2013!


Dark Energy II is out know

Click here for more info about the Doepfer Dark Energy 2

August 30: Dark Trilogy XL - The Story goes on...

See projects..


All projects are postponed for now. Too many ideas..


Published on May 8, 2012: Doepfer Dark Trilogy and A-156 (controlled by Dark Energy LFO1)Movie


27-04-2012: The new Black  & Blue edition of The Dark Trilogy:

click on te pic...

Three  Dark Energy's with a Dark Time blue led edition in a black housing..


18-04-2012: The Dark Mission: The Evolution of the Dark Quaternity. A slideshow-video is now on youtube with of course the very Dark Sound of the Dark Energy.. See the videosection.


05-04-2012: there she is..

A new Dawn for the Dark Quaternity!

The Final Top Row is Finished for now..

More pics click on the pic.



Current project: Quadrotheremin


October 2012: Dark Energy 2 (II) is out now!: click on the right pic!


"The Dark Energy (I) has to be discontinued because an important electronic part (CEM3394) is no longer available. We are working on the redesign of the Dark Energy at full speed. The new Dark Energy II will look like the Dark Energy I at first sight. Only the function of some controls and switches will differ from the Dark Energy I. These are the most important differences between Dark Energy I and II:

- 12dB multimode filter with lowpass, notch, highpass and bandpass (instead of 24dB lowpass of Dark Energy I)
- the previous LM control of the filter becomes the filter type control (continuous crossfade lowpass - notch highpass - bandpass)
- the LM function of the filter is no longer available
- the waveform switch is used to select between saw and clipped/distorted saw (in the center position the saw is off)
- the basic waveform of the VCO is saw (not triangle like the Dark Energy I).
- because of the pure analog circuit and the temperature control it takes about 30 minutes until the VCO is in tune.
- the VCA has a exponential scale (not the combined linear/exponential scale of Dark Energy I)

All other functions will remain unchanged. Even the price will be the same (currently Euro 428). The Dark Energy II will be probably available summer 2012."

See the Dark Energy 2 demo by Dieter Doepfer here:


31th December 2011: The Fifth Force is finished for now.

28 Eurorack modules are placed in the upper dockable case for the Dark Quaternity.

Modules are still in original shape/colour and will maybe customised later in 2012.

For more info: see projects. or click on the pic.


22th november 2011: Magic Ceramic (Theremin)

2x Doepfer A-178 built in a piece of Ceramic

It is shown at the Ceramics group exibition at

Gallery Artibrak

Here a youtube movie :

More info on the projects page


November 11 2011:

The Fifth Force

Upper Case for the Dark Quaternity

More info:  see the projects page


November 3th 2011: a youtube movie is added to the DQ page.


New developments:

October 25th 2011: New modules for the DQ are installed:

1 set of A-174-1(extra Joystick) and A-174-2 (extra Wheels) are dismissed to make place for the

A-103 (303) LP filter, A-114 Ringmodulator, A-118 Noise Generator and A-148 Dual Sample & Hold module.

The Former blindpanels are replaced by a-108 LP/BP (Moog) Filter, A-135 VC Mixer and A-144 Morph Conrtroller. They are built in one new made faceplate.



october 2011: The next period will be used to reorganise the studio.

(still in progress untill february 2012)


Epiosde 3: postponed till 2012

(third,final and utlimate one)



September 22th 2011: The Dark Quaternity

22 september 2011: The Dark Mission is accomplished!!!!

The Doepfer Dark Quaternity, a Polyphonic Semi-Modular Synthesizer, is finished!

Check The Dark Quaternity button on the top right of this website to keep up with the latest devolpments...

Additonal background information: Please see the projects page

the cardinal number that is the sum of three and one


July 22th 2011: The Second Act.

a dockable second floor on the Dark Trilogy is finished now


June 10th 2011: The Dark Trilogy

The Doepfer Dark Trilogy, a Mono/Polyphonic Semi-Modular Synthesizer is finished!

Check The Dark Trilogy button

a group of three dark energy's in a dark time


check also these other sites:

Audiovisual equipment, installation and advise:

Handmade furniture of Michiel Remmers (Remmers Design):

Photography of Regis Keuren: and another link:

Ambient music of Jan Scheer (Veddaskeer):

The Music Record Label of Ton Willekes (Ensemble Pittoresque):

hayden chisholm´s web log:

David Sylvian: (Gerrit Hillebrand)

Ceramics of Mance:

Ian Walton:

Russel Mills:

Doepfer modular synth's:

Marvellous DIY creations and a lot of Custom built controllers at:


There are now over fifteen companies making Eurorack synth modules, giving Eurorack owners more options than just about any other modular synth platform.

Here’s a list of active Eurorack modular synthesizer manufacturers, along with links to recent coverage of their synths at Synthtopia:

Eurorack Synth Modular Manufacturers

  1. 4MS Pedals has moved from effects pedals into Eurorack Modules, with their Pingable Envelope Generator, Shuffling Clock Multiplier, Atoner, Swash and other modules.
  2. Abstract Data – maker of the ADE-10 Reactive Shaper module.
  3. AMSynths - a small scale, UK based, manufacturer of high quality analog synthesizer modules, as well as PCB’s for Synthesizer DIY.
  4. ADDAC Systems – offers programmable modules, like the Voltage-Controlled Computer system and several stand-alone modules.
  5. Analogue Systems (UK) – makes the RS line of synth modules, and unique keyboard controllers like the French Connection. Analogue Systems on Synthtopia
  6. Analogue Solutions (UK) – creators of the Concussor synth modules, along with a variety of synths and sequencers, including the Red Square, the Leipzig, the SEMblance, the TBX-303 and the Oberkorn.  Analogue Solutions on Synthtopia
  7. Bananalogue (USA) – makes several synth modules, including a couple of Serge-influenced modules. Their site is currently missing in action. If you’ve got additional information, leave a comment. Bananalogue on Synthtopia
  8. Blue Lantern Modules offers a small line of Eurorack modules, which currently includes the LM4250 VCF and the DIode VCF.
  9. Bubblesound (US) – makes Eurorack synth modules with original components to more accurately capture the sound of vintage gear. Their site is currently missing in action. If you’ve got additional information, leave a comment. Bubblesound on Synthtopia
  10. Circuit Abbey offers several Eurorack modules, including the Gravity Well wave warper, the Tripfire comparator and input and output modules.
  11. Cwejman (Sweden) – Cwejman makes semi-modular synthesizers and also a large variety of Eurorack synth modules. Cweman on Synthtopia
  12. Cyndustries (USA) – Cyndustries makes synth modules in Blacet, DotCom, ModCan, MOTM & Eurorack formats. Their best known modular is the Zeroscillator, a high end modular oscillator. Cyndustries on Synthtopia.
  13. Delptronics offers Eurorack synthesizer modules, effects boxes and other unique electronic musical instruments.
  14. Division 6 makes a small line of modules that includes the Filtare SEIII multimode filter and some utility modules.
  15. Doepfer (Germany) – manufacturer of electronic music instruments, ranging from keyboards and MIDI controllers to complete analog modular synthesizer systems. Doepfer on Synthtopia
  16. Erthenvar has a line of utility modules, including input, output and power modules. They also carry Eurorack DIY parts, including mounting rail.
  17. Elby Designs (Australia) – makes the Panther series of Eurorack analog synthesizer modules and kits, based on Cat Girl Synth designs. Elby Designs on Synthtopia
  18. Encore Electronics – makes the Universal Event Generator and a Frequency Shifter.
  19. Flame offers Eurorack modules, in addition to other MIDI controller and electronic music instruments. Their current lineup includes the Clockwork, Tame Machine and Talking Synth modules.
  20. Flight of Harmony (USA) – currently has a small line of synth modules, including the Plague Bearer quad voltage-controlled resonant bandpass filter. Flight of Harmony on Synthtopia
  21. Future Sound Systems (UK) – Future Sound Systems makes synth modules in MOTM/Modcan/Dotcom and Eurorack formats. You can customize your modules with special panels and LED colors. Future Sound Systems on Synthtopia
  22. GorillaBox – makes a line of heavy-duty modular synth cases.
  23. Harvestman (USA) – makes a very original line of voltage-controlled digital signal processing modules, including the Malgorithm, Zorlon Cannon, Tyme Safari and a Polivoks filter. Harvestman on Synthtopia
  24. Innerclock Systems – offers the Sync-Gen modular DAW synchronization interface.
  25. Intellijel makes some creatively designed and named modules, including hte Azimuth, Mutagen, Spock and Mind Meld.
  26. Kenton has introduced a new Eurorack MIDI to CV converter, the Modular Solo.
  27. Kilpatrick Audio offers some advanced modules, including a dual VCO, Step Sequencer, Pattern Generator and MIDI Convertor.
  28. Livewire (USA) – Livewire makes a small collection of very interesting synth modules, including the Dalek Modulator, Dual Cyclotron & the Vulcan Modulator. Livewire on Synthtopia
  29. Livid Instruments has introduced Eurorack format modular MIDI controllers.
  30. Low Gain Electronics manufacturers several utility modules.
  31. LZX Industries has a line of EuroRack format synthesizer modules designed for creating and manipulating video and images, the LZX Visionary Modular Video Synthesizer.
  32. MacBeth Studio Systems has introduced their X-Series  of synth modules.
  33. Makenoise (USA) – makes a small collection of synth modules, including a Quad Multi-Mode Gate, modDemod and the Format Jumbler. Makenoise on Synthtopia
  34. Malekko Heavy Industry has a broad variety of synth modules, including Eurorack Wiard modules and the B:Assmaster fuzz effect.
  35. Metasonix (USA) – specializes in vacuum tube based synth modules. Metasonix on Synthtopia
  36. MFB (Germany) – makes a variety of drum synth modules in addition to standard modular synth components (VCO, VCF, sequencers). MFB also makes semi-modular and mini-synths. MFB on Synthtopia
  37. Oakley Sound Systems is a popular source of DIY synth module designs.
  38. Pittsburgh Modular makes a broad range of modules, including an Analog Delay, Generator dual oscillator and the Timetable clock divider.
  39. Plan B (USA) – Peter Grenader’s line of synthesizer modules features a wide variety of modules, many of which are influenced by classic Buchla designs. Plan B on Synthtopia.
  40. Snazzy FX has begun offering Eurorack modules, starting with the Dreamboat dual chaotic oscillator.
  41. STG Sound Labs modules are available in several formats, including Moog style and Eurorack.
  42. Synthwerks has introduced some unique modules, especially the force sensing resistor family of modules.
  43. Subconscious Studios – offers a small line of Eurorack modules, including a VCO and LFP.
  44. Tiptop (USA) – makes a small, but cool line of synth modules, including the Z3000 Smart Voltage Controlled Oscillator and the Z5000 Voltage Controlled Digital Signal Processor. Tiptop Audio on Synthtopia
  45. TouellSkouarn – offers several Eurorack modules, including a Germanium Fuzz, Fet Pream and Stereo HeadPhone output.
  46. Trogotronic offers ‘cruel and unusual instruments’, including Eurorack modules, vintage style controllers and ‘Crude Controls’. Current modules include the Model 676 Fury M tube synth and the Model 666 module, which packs a VCO, VCF and VCA into one module.
  47. Vermona has announced a Quad MIDI-CV interface for Eurorack modular synths.

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