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The Fifth Force (Upper case for the Dark Quaternity)


The Dark Quaternity is based on 4x Doepfer Dark Energy, therefore this name.

The fifth force is based on an extra Dark Energy (A-111-5) which is number 5, therefore this name.

The Sixth Source is based on another extra Dark Energy (A-111-5) which is number 6, therefore its name.


Some pictures of inside and the back:

It is finished for now:

The Fifth Force is a Modular Synthesizer based on the Eurorack system. The cabinet is custom made to fit the Dark Quaternity.

Temporary Configuration of the Fitfth Force.
This dockable upper case for the Dark Quaternity consists of 28 standard Eurorack modules.
The dockable unit is fixed on the DQ with some metal plates and the natural wooden curve, so you can take it off whenever you want.
The Dark Quaternity itself is a marvellous synthesizer, but with this unit on top of it, it becomes part of a
modular synthesizer system. For me it is magic. It has so many (patch) possibilities that results can be beyond
imagination. For experienced modular users it will probably be nothing special or serious, but for me it
is the most magical piece in the studio and can work as a completely stand alone, self producing system. No external
instruments or computers are needed to compose complete songs, but off course it can be integrated in, or controlled by the rest of the instuments and computers which gives a very special sound to a completed mix.
Underneath you will find the summing of the modules.

28 Eurorack modules from left to right.(a-100 modules are from Doepfer)
Upper row:
A-113, A-177-2, A-109VC, A-119, A-115, A-170, A-134-1, A143-2, A-143-9, A-138b, A-188-2, A-165, Z-8000, WMD Gamma Wave Source
Lower row:
René, Brains, PressurePonits, VCA-matrix, A-138b, A-105VCF, A-106XT. A-106XP, A-111-1, A-160, A-161, A-180, A-138m, A-111-5.

With these expansions the DQ has:
4 extra sound sources (total 8 sources):
A-143-9 QLFO, WMD Gamma Wave Source, A-111-1 VCO and A-111-5 (Dark Energy)
3 extra sequencers (total 5 sequencers):
René, Brains+PressurePoints, Z-8000.
5 extra filters (total 7 external filters outside the DE's)"
A-109VC, A-105VCF, A-106XT. A-106XP, A-188-2

Al these modules fit exactly in the Fifth Force.
For the next period they will be tested if functional enough or not.

Explanation picture with modules indicated:

Stereo settings:

The Dark Quaternity is a stand alone sound producing system which does not need external sequencing, soundeffects, pan-control or (stereo)mixer.You can connect it directly into your multitrack or stereorecorder. For now the stereo settings are as followed:

There are 4 FEX800 units built in: FX1: complete left

FX2 and FX3: left and right

FX4: complete right.

With the 4 A-138B mixers you can route the audiosignals to the certain effect output. With the A-134-1 and the A-109VC you can pan the audio signals to FX1 and FX4 to create left and right positions in the stereo mix. The pan controls can for instance be controlled by the CV of an ADSR.

When evoluated and tested these modules will be placed in total 4 or 8 blackfinished faceplates....

Some details:

April 2012: Introduction of "The Sixth Source", a third cabinet on top of The Dark Quaternity:

Click on the picture above to read more info and see more pictures about this third cabinet "The Sixth"

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Controlling the DQ for the first time. Strings from a D-70

More movies will be found on youtube at the "creativegallerysynth" account

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