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The Sixth Source (Top Case of The Dark Quaternity)

Some pictures of the Sixth Source: The final (third) top cabinet of The Dark Quaternity. Custom Synth

weight: 10 kg

Dimensions WxHxD: 1040 x 205 x 275 mm

Total dimensions of the Three Cabinets together WxHxD (max): 1040 x 990x 530 mm

The Dark Quaternity is based on 4x Doepfer Dark Energy, therefore this name.

The Fifth Force is based on an extra Dark Energy (A-111-5) which is number 5, therefore its name.

The Sixth Source is based on another extra Dark Energy (A-111-5) which is number 6, therefore its name.

modular  cabinet  design  synth

The Dark Quaternity ++ (Third Cabinet /Sixth Source)







More movies will be found on youtube at the "creativegallerysynth" account

More and bigger pics at The Art Gallery

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